Monday, October 14, 2013

September 3, Tues Evening in Paris

September 3, 2013 Tuesday 
After our first nap of the day we went out walking around the streets & checking out the Metro, then sat and watched the pyscho traffic driving around the Arc de Triomphe. It's a giant rotary but like none I've ever seen. Its wild! Just when you think they're all turning the same way in the circle a bunch fork to the other way and then cross traffic cuts into them. I don't know how they do it and not go mad. On each street corner there's an entrance to the Metro. There's no signage that we could see that told you how to get over there. It took us awhile going up and down stairs in the Metro to finally come up under the Arc. It would have been fun to go to the top but hubby doesn't like heights so we had to pass. 

The French flag hangs down from the center, and its huge. You can see it from miles away down the main streets. 
There's a memorial to the unknown French soldiers in the middle of it.  

                       This is looking down from the Arc to our street where the hotel is.

We walked down one of the side streets in search of lunch and of course picked one that had outside seating. Well of course we did! As much as I'd like to say we ordered French food, we didn't. But we had French versions of hamburgers (slightly raw) and French fries! Those were like narrow wedges that were carved out down the center like canoes. And they were crispy. I liked them! We both ordered a Pepsi and it came in a bottle, seemed kind of flat, and not as sweet as ones we're used to. After a few days we found that was the norm. It was actually nice that all the sweets we had weren't heavily sweetened with sugar like in the States. 

We started walking around the streets where we were staying, and we found a farmer's market we'd heard about. I bought some small Mirabelle plums I’d read about there to try, and they're so delicious! They looked like large yellowish-green grapes. I need to find some jam made from it too.
Also found a L'Occitane store (asked them how to pronounce it properly-("lay ossy tane") and bought some of the lemon verbena hand lotion and shower gel they had. I've been nursing a tiny bottle of it forever. They told me some US states have a store (NY & WA, where I bought mine in a gift shop) but also can be bought online. But I had to buy one IN France. I saw lots of references to Provence and lavender, and would love to go there but I don't think we'll have enough time. 
I mentioned we were going to the Catacombs tomorrow; well, we're not. I forgot hubby cancelled that one so we'd have time to visit the Louvre.  I wish I had time to track down a Da Vinci Code tour to include with that but I know that won't fly with hubby.
I think it's time for another nap. We came back exhausted and sweaty. It's 78 and humid, and will be warmer the next two days before it starts cooling off.
**That nap turned out to be much longer than expected and when we both started waking up around 8pm, we decided we didn't feel like going out and trying to find dinner so we just ordered a pizza by room service. And went back to sleep.


  1. Dear Val,
    Had to laugh about the traffic. When my sisters lived in France during a school year, their French friend would close her eyes when entering that roundabout at L'Arc de Triomphe. Not kidding!
    Very best,

    1. Natalie, I can totally understand that! We asked our cab driver if they have many accidents, and he said just little "kisses". In fact its accepted that you will probably bump or push the car in front or behind you when trying to park. But the majority were tiny cars.